One Store For All Your Remodeling Needs

Home projects can be so frustrating. Multiple trips to numerous stores. Hit or miss help. There has to be a better way, right?!

There it is!

One stop at our beautiful showroom is all you'll need. Our store is full of samples and always staffed by the same friendly experts. Inside or out, from cabinets to windows and everything inbetween, we have the products you want with the service you deserve.


Our Philosophy

Some stores require customers to only use the store's contractors, because the store earns more profit. We think that just needlessly increases the price. We compare it to buying a bicycle at a sporting goods store. You could take it home and put it together yourself; you could hire someone to build it for you; or you can buy one that is preassembled by one of the store's employees. The two questions are "What is your budget and how much do you want to be involved? Because your total costs will change according to those answers.


This is your least expensive option. You buy the products from us, either pick them up or have them delivered, then try to con your brother-in-law into installing them.....


You're welcome to work with your own contractor, or we can provide a list of contractors that consistently have great feedback. Either way, we'll order the products and alert you for pickup or delivery, while you will be responsible for scheduling and monitoring the installation.

YRC Installed

We'll be the General Contractor for you, hiring and coordinating our best installers. We will have increased labor and insurance costs, as well as many trips to your house to oversee the project, so this will be your most expensive option.